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Thomas and Ruth Hudzina

Tom and Ruth are long term missionaries serving with Calvary Chapel in Aldeia/Vera Cruz, a small town located in northeast Brazil.  Tom teaches Bible, disciples and does Pastoral Care in the community and surrounding area. Ruth teaches English to the local residents using a course "Learning English Through the Word”.

Basic English is taught using the Bible as text.  Every week at night they visit the homeless and drug infested areas of downtown Recife to establish trusting relationships and share the Word of God through the Bible and by example of lives devoted to Jesus.Along with the church plant, they volunteer with a foster home in Aldeia called De Braços Abertos “With Open Arms”.  

De Braços Abertos is a restoration house for at risk children from the streets. Placed there by the judicial authorities, De Braços Abertos focuses on the physical, psychological recovery and education of boys and girls who range from infancy to 18 years old. They are cared for as family and taught sound values and responsibility. Where possible, reconciliation with families is always the first priority.

Tom and Ruth have a passion to share and teach the Word of God; evangelizing, discipling those who begin their journey with Jesus and encouraging others with the hope, power and presence of Jesus. Isaiah 50:4 best describes their calling - “That I should know how to speak a Word in season to him who is weary."

Country of Service: Brazil

Home Church: Calvary Chapel Chester Springs

Church Website:

Missionary Website:

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