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Jason and Lisa Viljoen

Jason and Lisa serve at an orphan ministry in South Africa called Door of Hope. This ministry rescues and cares for abandoned babies, works closely with adoption agencies to find them good Christian families, and disciples them in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Door of Hope is in the process of building and developing a Children's Village - a Christ-centered community - where orphans who do not end up getting adopted may find love and belonging in a traditional nuclear family structure. At the Village these children will be raised in the faith and learn of their promised redemption in Christ and of His good purposes for their lives. The story of the gospel is the story of a God who sought out his children who were once orphans in the world and adopted them into His family. Jason and Lisa's greatest desire for the orphans who come to Door of Hope is not only that they would be adopted into a loving earthly family but that they would encounter their loving Heavenly Father and be adopted into His family as well.

Country of Service: South Africa

Home Church: Jacob's Well

Church Website:

Missionary Website:

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