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God’s glory is uniquely reflected through His willingness and ability to call, empower, and unify an amazingly diverse array of His followers, as they respond to His missionary call to leave everything familiar and comfortable behind in order to make Him known to all people, regardless of where they live on planet earth.

Is God calling you to the mission field? Shepherd’s Staff partners with local churches to send those who are called to share the Gospel across geographic, cultural and linguistic boundaries; reaching the unreached with the love of Jesus Christ.

Are you a current Shepherd’s Staff missionary?


Identify what you bring to the table that you believe God is calling you to use to further His purposes and assist with the expansion of His kingdom to the ends of the earth.

Read through our core values and the benefits of joining Shepherd’s Staff to confirm that we are a good fit for you and your local church.

Request an Inquiry Package and complete the Pre-Application Information Form (PAIF).

We will inform you when your PAIF has been received.

If we’re a fit for you and your home church we will contact your Home Church Key Person and send a full application for completion.



Our Vision & Practices

To facilitate churches and their missionaries to fulfill THEIR vision, not ours.

The Missionary & their Home Church Determine

  • Where they will serve
  • How much personal support will need to be raised
  • What their ministry will be on the mission field
  • When they will depart for the mission field
  • How often they will take furloughs, and the length of those furloughs
  • What success will look like
  • When they should no longer serve on the foreign field

Financial Support

We receive and disburse support funds for missionaries in compliance with the applicable IRS guidelines.

Group Health Plan and Retirement Plan Benefits

Our affordable Group Medical Plan provides world-wide coverage and includes emergency medical evacuation. Our 403b Retirement Plan provides missionaries access to a preferred method for retirement savings.



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