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Margaret Nelson

Margaret is serving at New Life Church in central Uganda, a rural area known as the Killing Fields of Uganda's civil war, where close to one million people died between 1980 and 1986, in the Luweero District. She is also a leader in New Life's non-governmental organization (NGO), Village Educational Centre Ltd., which seeks to teach Bible centered village level adult education to church and community.

Margaret teaches Bible and works on various agricultural demonstration projects in the community. She hosts a village level savings & loan program that helps her neighbors and others learn the benefits of sacrificial savings. New Life Church is starting a pastor training program to educate rural pastors in Bible and practical skills of health, financial management, and income generation projects. These will help to free village churches from the snares of witchcraft and poverty. Margaret has lived and ministered in Uganda since 1999.

Country of Service: Uganda

Home Church: 412 Church

Church Website:

Missionary Website:

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