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Refugees Part Four: What to do practically

  • Bryon Mondok
  • April 24, 2017
  • Churches

Refugees Part Four: What to do practically

Refugees Part Four: What to do practically

What can we do, as representatives of the Kingdom of God, to serve refugees? In the fourth installment in this four part series about refugees, Jeff Jackson discusses what can be done practically to have a long-term, Gospel impact on refugees in your community.

Jeff mentions a few resources as he works through this talk and we want to make them easy for you to access.

First, Jeff mentions VOLAGs, which are voluntary resettlement agencies. Here’s a link. Jeff expands on this in greater detail in previous parts of this series, specifically Part One. For you edification, here are links to Part Two and Part Three, as well.

Second, Jeff mentions a teaching by Pastor Ed Compean, when giving Ed credit for coining expose, engage, entangle. These are the steps, says Ed, that God takes us through as He exposes His people to others in a cross-cultural setting. Watch Ed’s teaching here.

Finally, when mentioning presence, practice, and proclamation, Jeff tips his hat to Jim Whitty. Learn more about Jim’s work here.

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