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Pre-field Information Resources

  • Bryon Mondok
  • October 24, 2019
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Pre-field Information Resources

Pre-field Information Resources

Pre-field Information Resources

You can go to the mission field prepared or un-prepared. Our desire is that you are as equipped as possible. These resources will help you to be sent well.

Missionary Financial Support Following the Rules (Webinar)

Practical steps for complying with IRS laws and best practices. Ron Clipp, director of Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators joins Tricia Morris, director of operations of Sixteen:Fifteen to discuss the role of the church and responsibilities of missionaries. Watch video here.

The Call (video)

This is the full video from “The Call” taught by Pastor Jeff Jackson at the 2016 Calvary Chapel Central Bucks Missions Conference. Watch video here.

The Call (audio)

These are two parts of a message Pastor Jeff Jackson taught at the 2016 Calvary Chapel Central Bucks Missions Conference.
» Listen to Part One here.
» Listen to Part Two here.

The Mission Stream: Headwaters

Here at Shepherd’s Staff, we tend to speak of the Mission Stream. It speaks of the flow from the initial realization that our God is a Missionary God who leads churches and the individual within churches to respond to His seeking to save that with is lost. Listen here.

The Effect

God’s ability to bring unity from diversity is an incredible reflection of His glory. The Effect of God’s call on us as believers is our active participation with God in His mission.
» Listen to Part One here.
» Listen to Part Two here.

Language and Culture Acquisition

Pastor Jeff Jackson interviews missionary Ben Spector with a focus on the importance of language and culture acquisition for missionaries. They discuss the dilemma of feeling the need to speed the ministry along resulting in viewing culture and language as obstacles to get over instead of actual ministry. Listen here.

Cyber Security

Facilitating the Missions’s Tim Dabney speaks on missionary security, specifically in the areas of cyber security. He’ll discuss the value and drawbacks of encrypted emails and how to protect your personal computer from attacks. Listen here.

Why Pre-Field Missionary Training?

We consider pre-field missionary training and preparation among the greatest investments a home church and missionary can make. Its why it was an honor to have Brian Gibson from Train International, in the Shepherd’s Staff office. Train is an excellent ministry offering great pre-field preparation, language acquisition, and debriefing courses. Read more here.

Meeting what missionaries claim is their “greatest” need

Have you ever asked a missionary how you can be of help to them and their ministry?

If you did pose that very common question to them, even though I’m not a prophet–and didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I’m fairly certain that they told you their most important need was for PRAYER. Read more here.

Why Short-Term Missions?

An estimated 1.6 million North American Christians will go on a short-term mission this year. They will spend close to $2-billion in the process. That is a lot of time, treasure and talent being invested by the goers, senders and receivers of those teams, so it seems good to explore why we send and receive them. Read more here.

Contingency Planning

Security and contingency planning for missionaries and their home churches is often only thought of in the time of crisis. Shepherd’s Staff manager of ministry security and risk management gives some practical advice about why now may be the time to consider contingency plans and safety practices. Read more here.

To Know God and Make Him known-But How?

Every follower of Jesus should desire to know God at a deeper level and to make Him known. But is it possible that one more desire needs to be added to those two? And is it possible that this other desire may actually be the most difficult? Read more here.

The Stress of International Relocation

In the same sense that understanding more and more of what those who serve in the military actually experience usually increases our respect for them, our desire to pray for them, and our desire to help them in practical ways, I’ve discovered the same thing is true in regards to missionaries. Read more here.

A Crucial Lesson Learned from Atop the Pedestal

Many years ago, when my family and I were “in the chute” on our way to the mission field of the Central Philippines, an interesting and uncomfortable change of perspective took place in many of our Christian friends and church members.

They began talking about us and treating us as if we were some kind of “super” Christians that deserved to be placed on a pedestal. Read more here.

Hearing a Missionary Call?

“I feel like God may be calling me to be a missionary, but how can I tell if it’s really Him?” Get that question answered here.

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