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Missions Policy Resources

  • Bryon Mondok
  • October 10, 2019
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Missions Policy Resources

Missions Policy Resources

Missions Policy Resources

When the leaders of a local church conclude that a specific ministry is an essential component and expression of their DNA as a local body of Christ, they will expend the time and resources necessary to ensure that a written policy is created to govern the way that ministry operates.

A written policy declares certain things about a church’s leaders and their view of the members of their church, and is also designed to accomplish a number of significant purposes.

If involvement in God’s global purposes and intentional participation in fulfilling His end-game plan has gripped the hearts of the leaders of a local church, they will initiate the creation of a written policy to guide their global mission endeavors.

Written Missions Policy An Essential Tool For Local Churches Desiring Global Impact

This video is from a webinar Jeff Jackson participated in with 1615 president Matthew Ellison on the importance of having a written missions policy for guiding how missions is done by your church. Watch video here.

The Mission Stream: Headwaters

Here at Shepherd’s Staff, we tend to speak of the Mission Stream. It speaks of the flow from the initial realization that our God is a Missionary God who leads churches and the individual within churches to respond to His seeking to save that with is lost. Listen here.

Mission Security: Contingency

The missionary has done all the right things. He or she has taken all security precautions. From the Apostle Paul down through all generations of missionaries through the ages, crisis happen. Contingency plans must be prepared in anticipation of the day they must be enacted. Listen here.

Cyber Security

Facilitating the Missions’s Tim Dabney speaks on missionary security, specifically in the areas of cyber security. He’ll discuss the value and drawbacks of encrypted emails and how to protect your personal computer from attacks. Listen here.

Why a Furlough?

Coming back to the States on a missionary furlough was always a strange experience. Preparing the ministry for our absence, subletting our home and arranging appointments from the field were only some of the preparation. Living out of suitcases as guests, we tried to meet with as many churches, supporters and family members as possible. Learn more here.

Six Things to Know about Sending Missionaries to the Mission Field Direct

When local churches embrace their role as the primary vehicle through which God wants to channel His love and truth to all people, God may move their leaders to take the less and less radical step of sending some of their own members direct to the mission field. Learn more here.

Why Pre-Field Missionary Training?

We consider pre-field missionary training and preparation among the greatest investments a home church and missionary can make. It’s why it was an honor to have Brian Gibson from Train International, in the Shepherd’s Staff office. Train is an excellent ministry offering great pre-field preparation, language acquisition, and debriefing courses. Learn more here.

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