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Mark and Parker Phillips

Mark and Parker have served in Niger, West Africa since 2006 as church planters and in various leadership roles. In 2022, they created AXIS Ministries which exists to BUILD UP and SEND OUT the local church to unreached people and places so that the Glory of God might be declared and displayed among the nations through biblically faithful proclamation of the Gospel and through the planting of churches.

AXIS us grounded by four core convictions which guide the vision and fuel the mission: 

  • Core motivation: God's Glory
  • Core instrument: The local church
  • Core focus: Unreached people & places
  • Core strategy: Biblical faithfulness & Gospel-centeredness

Through a local team and an international network we seek to implement this vision. Though based in Niamey, Niger and focused locally in the context, AXIS is also much broader and represents an international network of Gospel partners across Francophone (French-speaking) Africa and beyond. 

Alongside the BUILD UP & SEND OUT vision are RAISE UP & REACH OUT ministries. These support and fuel the greater vision focusing specifically on Next Generation and Mercy ministries. The local team will organize around these 4 initiatives (quadrants) to serve the local church both near and far.

Country of Service: Niger

Home Church: Living Hope Baptist Church

Church Website:

Missionary Website:

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