Johnathan Dabney

  • Hi!

    Our names are Johnathan and Ilona Dabney, and we have a beautiful daughter named Krisztina Eleanor.

    We are currently living in Hajdúböszörmény (Hi-do-busser-mean).  We serve at a Calvary Chapel about 40 minutes away in Nyíregyháza (Near-edge-haza) leading worship, translating, and occasionally teaching.  We have been living here one year and are praying about how to best go about fulfilling God’s purpose for us here.

    Our first intent when we moved was to assist the Nyíregyháza Calvary that at the time lacked a worship leader and whose pastor was in dire need of suport and encouragement.  Having moved here, we’ve found that there is so much more than meets the eye that God may want to do in this area.

    I (Johnathan) lead worship, occasionally teach (to assist the pastor), and (more recently) translate the service from Hungarian into English for our foreign university student members.

    Though, my wife at present is a full-time mom (our daughter has just turned 1), she has much ministry experience translating both into English from Hungarian and vice verse; she led women’s studies for several years; and she has experience ministering to gypsies. For years, we organized English camps int he Eger area for highschool kids (thus dealt with approx. 150 people each time).

    As far as Calvary Chapel Nyíregyháza is concerned, we would like to see a Spirit-led worship leader raised up as well as a strong, supportive leadership team.  Moreover, we pray that those in church would learn to walk closely with their Savior and as a result to be His hands and feet in the community.

    While, here at home in Hajdúböszörmény, we are making connections and friends.  We are seeking God’s leading here in this city.  In this season, we are taking steps to and praying about starting an English camp here as well as a home Bible study group.  In the latter, we’ve already begun, having met with a local family of believers a few times to talk, pray and be encouraged.

    All in all, we would like to see strong, passionate followers of Jesus in the church where we serve , and we would like to see the young and old in our town come to a loving relationship with the Savior.

  • Missionary Account Number: 1116
  • Country of Service: Hungary
  • Home Church: Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara

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