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Core Ministry Fund

At its CORE, Shepherd’s Staff exists to partner with and facilitate local churches to send and care for their own members who have been called to serve as missionaries, worldwide. A donation to Shepherd’s Staff’s Core Ministry Fund allows us to accomplish our main mission by:

  • Supporting the development and use of workshops, seminars and web-based resources designed to help churches “send direct” well.
  • Helping churches provide care for returning missionaries through our “R and R” program. Often the level of “culture shock” for returning missionaries exceeds what is encountered when a missionary first arrives on the foreign field. Your donation helps to train missionary care givers and facilitates ministry sessions for returning missionaries.
  • Providing pre-field missionary security and safety awareness training. Many missionaries with Shepherd’s Staff are serving in countries where it is not permissible to openly share the gospel. Your donation helps us to prepare missionaries for living and serving in these areas and allows us to maintain a level of security monitoring.
  • Helping us to fund other important ministry initiatives as they arise.

Country of Service: USA

Home Church: Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators

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