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Raising support: Our Most Requested Subject

Here at Shepherd’s Staff we are often asked to coach new missionaries and their home churches in the missionary support raising process. It is why we have focused a series of blog posts on the topic.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered them in one place.

These brief posts are simply entry points and can never replace one of our training seminars. Please contact us if you or your church would like further help in this area.

Foundation of Missionary Support

Missionary, Financial Support, Shepherd's StaffThe Special Gift of Participation Consummation explains the relational base of raising missionary support.

Support Through Tethers of Connection explains four main relational connections missionaries have with those who send them.

The Need for a Purpose and Proposition Statement explains the need for explaining the calling and vision briefly and simply.

Building a Missionary Communication List provides the steps to developing a list of people to invite into the ministry.

Gaining Understanding of the missionary support process is a great first step for missionary candidates.

Calming the Gorillas of the missionary support raising process helps pre-field missionaries examine their heart in the support raising process.

Asking for Missionary Support is one of the greatest hindrances to people going to the field. This post answers the question of whether it is appropriate to directly ask for support.

The Next Steps

Shepherd's Staff, Missionary SupportBuilding a Purpose and Proposition Statement as the base for building your missionary communication plan.

Expand Communication through the use of the purpose and proposition missionary statement.

Points for Excellent Written Missionary Communication.

Does and Don’t of Written Missionary Communication.


Shepherd's Staff, thanks, missionary, Attitude of gratitudeWhen Missionaries Teach and Preach while on furlough.

Underfunded Missionaries create these six challenges for themselves and others.

Having and Attitude of Gratitude towards those who help in the work.

Facilitating the Mission, Missionary Support, Shepherd's Staff, Missionaries


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