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Paul’s Theology of Fundraising

I wait until it’s dark and all the lights are out. I don’t want to run into anyone at the car lot when I’m shopping for a car, so I wait until the dealership is closed and all the salesman are gone to look at cars and their price tags....

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I Am a Triangle by Naomi Hattaway

I am a Triangle

Coming home from the mission field is no homecoming. Returning missionaries come home to a rude awakening; coming home is more difficult than their early days of arriving on the mission field. In a recent podcast, Jeff Jackson refers to the following article by Naomi Hattaway. I am a triangle...

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Communication List

As soon as you you have a purpose and proposition statement to communicate your missionary calling, you need to build a missionary communication list. The list will be the people you send various forms of communication to, and follow you throughout your missionary life. If the idea of a list sounds worldly or...

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