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Is God Calling You to the Foreign Field?

  • Jeff Jackson
  • March 3, 2020
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Is God Calling You To The Foreign Field?

Is God Calling You to the Foreign Field?

Is God Calling You to the Foreign Field?

Field Success and Being Sent Well

Your calling to be a missionary includes a passion to be as effective as possible for His glory among the people He has called you to. Fulfilling that goal hinges on being sent well. And being sent well is a multi-faceted endeavor that requires diligence in missionary-specific services that most pre-field missionaries are not yet familiar with.

Shepherd’s Staff provides the services that are essential to missionary success on the field. As a missionary served by Shepherd’s Staff you will:

  • Receive timely distribution of funds to you each month along with online access to all gift and donor information
  • Have all appropriate IRS and Social Security withholdings made for you throughout the tax year
  • Have access to an optional group health insurance plan that covers you on the field and in the U.S., and includes emergency medical evacuation from the field
  • Have access to an optional retirement plan that allows missionaries to have a tax-preferred method for retirement savings

God’s design is for the home church of those He calls to play a significant role in missionaries being Sent Well. We also stand ready to help you build on the tethers of connection you already have with the leaders and members of the local church you attend.

For more information or to learn how to initiate the first steps of our application process, click the button below.

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