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Furlough and Re-entry Resources

  • Bryon Mondok
  • November 20, 2019
  • Articles
Furlough And Re-entry Resources

Furlough and Re-entry Resources

Furlough and Re-entry Resources

Why a Furlough?

Coming back to the States on a missionary furlough was always a strange experience. Preparing the ministry for our absence, subletting our home and arranging appointments from the field were only some of the preparation. Living out of suitcases as guests, we tried to meet with as many churches, supporters and family members as possible. Read more here.

Missionary Debriefing

This article is a response to a number of requests to provide a consolidated piece on the vital subject of MISSIONARY DEBRIEFING. Read more here.

The Stress of International Relocation

If relocating within the United States is stressful, try moving overseas.In the same sense that understanding more and more of what those who serve in the military actually experience usually increases our respect for them, our desire to pray for them, and our desire to help them in practical ways, I’ve discovered the same thing is true in regards to missionaries. Read more

Missionary Debriefing – a Gift

This video is from a webinar Jeff Jackson participated in with Sixteen:Fifteen president Matthew Ellison. Their discussion focuses on the gift and role of missionary debriefing in different seasons of a missionary’s tenure on the field. Watch here

A Discussion about PTSD

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a term used often in a number of different conversations. In this podcast, Jeff Jackson defines PTSD and discusses it as it relates to the care missionaries currently serving in a foreign field and returning and reintegrating back into a life in the States. Listen to our podcast entitled A Discussion about PTSD to learn more.

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