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Five reasons you should consider financial partnership with a missionary

  • Jeff Jackson
  • May 28, 2020
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Five Reasons You Should Consider Financial Partnership With A Missionary

Five reasons you should consider financial partnership with a missionary

When God calls a person or a family to leave everything familiar and comfortable behind and relocate to another country for His glory and the good of those they will live among, the journey to their actual departure includes a variety of obstacles they have never encountered before.

One of the largest–and for most missionaries the most ominous, is the need for them to transition to dependence on fellow believers for the financial resources to do what God has called them to do.

For people born and raised in a culture that values independence as a virtue in almost every area of life and views dependence as a weakness, a radical change of perspective is required–for them and for their brethren in Jesus that know and love them.

Once they are confirmed about their calling to go, a missionary will take great delight in explaining to you the reasons they are taking this radical step of faith, trusting that as they do so, God might move you and others to become financial partners with them.

This isn’t easy for them to do, and if you put yourself in their position, that’s easy to understand.

But what if the missionary wasn’t the only one that could articulate the good reasons for the role God is calling them to play in bringing about His global purposes?

Imagine what it would be like for a missionary to share their reasons for going with a believer like you that is ALREADY convinced of these five reasons for becoming their financial partner?

1–Your financial partnership is a powerful expression of the kind of unity within the body of Christ that Jesus said would help the world to believe the Father had sent Him.

2–Your financial partnership will broaden and deepen the tethers of connection between you and the missionary.

3–Your financial partnership will create an indirect, but easily understood and very meaningful connection between you and the people the missionary lives among and interacts with–because the financial presents you give makes the missionary’s presence in their lives possible.

4–Your financial partnership requires you to make self-sacrificial choices to free up the funds that you will give, which affords you a small taste of what Jesus Himself experienced, and will you draw you closer to Him and to the others that have also made this significant decision.

5–Your financial partnership in making His name known among the nations is taken note of by God, and it increases the fruit in your credit account that He has established for you.

When a missionary understands the reasons for the role God has called them to play in His global purposes, and you understand and embrace the reasons for the financial partnership role God calls you to play in helping them to fulfill their role, God’s glory is made known among the nations.

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