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Book: The Five Smooth Stones

  • Bryon Mondok
  • November 9, 2017
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Book: The Five Smooth Stones

Book: The Five Smooth Stones

Author: Robertson McQuilkin
Nashville, B & H Publishing Group, 2007
Number of pages: 208

So many of the missionaries we serve are involved in pastoring and church planting that we wanted tell you about this excellent resource.

Robertson McQuilkin drew from more than fifty years of ministry experience to write The Five Smooth Stones. McQuilken writes that ever since his early years in ministry, flash-in-the-pan ministry methods and methodologies came and went. That continues today and probably won’t change in the future. So what’s right? Is there a method that will last? New voices in ministry say methodology and theology must be kept separate in order for both to be strong and meaningful; if combined, methods are feeble and theology is marginalized. Does the Bible speak to methods? McQuilkin says “yes”. The Bible is a wonderful guide for ministry.

The book is organized around these Five Smooth Stones:

  1. The Bible: making it the functional authority
  2. The Congregation: aligning it with the biblical purposes
  3. The Spirit: releasing his energizing power
  4. The Plan of Redemption: the mission of every disciple.
  5. The Lord Jesus: gauging servant leadership.


All five of the above areas need to be given equal attention or the church will be out of balance. The church will only be as strong as the weakest area. The weak area will be like a flat spot on a wheel; it slows down the rhythm and momentum of church growth and effectiveness.

McQuilkin emphasizes the fulfillment of God’s purposes on earth through His chosen vehicle: the Church.

The author is unbiased toward any denomination. He offers praise and makes critiques across a wide spectrum from Pentecostal to Baptist to Reformed. None are favored. None escape scrutiny of their execution of God’s mission. None are written off as bad or held up as the only way to do church.

Helpful flow charts and tables illustrate concepts discussed in the book. This book will be on my shelf as a reference and recommended manual. Anyone in church leadership will benefit from this book. If you’re working toward planting a church or looking for a way to bring your efforts back under Lordship of Jesus Christ, you will profit from The Five Smooth Stones.

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