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11 Missionary Blogs We Love

  • Bryon Mondok
  • August 15, 2019
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11 Missionary Blogs We Love

11 Missionary Blogs We Love

Let’s face it. When you’re a missionary, you think of yourself as an odd ball. You have a hard time relating to people in your home country and you have a hard time fitting in to the new country you now (or will soon) call home. You feel stuck in the middle.

If you’re preparing for the mission field, this one of the things you’ll learn about being an overseas worker.

No matter where you fit, you’ve got a lot to learn. That’s why we’re constantly combing the web for great content to share on our social channels (Twitter and Facebook). We want you to be equipped and we want to help you set realistic expectations.

We’ve put together a list of eleven of our favorite missionary blogs. They’re in no particular order. We highlighted some of them in a recent podcast. The bloggers on this list are great writers, story tellers, and teachers. They’ll help you dream big, expand your thinking, and be feel comfortable with being a missionary odd ball.

A Life Overseas

“A missionary crams a life into a suitcase and begins a journey into foreign places, both geographically and spiritually.” A Life Overseas has assembled a team of writers who have lived as expats overseas. They’re working hard “to create an online space where expats of many nations come together to interact, encourage, and find a community that ‘gets it’.”

“Our goal is to help you attain the best possible quality of life and the utmost sense of wellbeing.” Parakletos is a greek word that describes one who comes alongside to comfort. That is the space this blog exists in. Caring for missionaries and reaching in to those deep places where very few have credibility and experience.

Velvet Ashes

Velvet Ashes is an online community of women who serve overseas. This is a safe place for women to reach each other, counsel, and comfort.

Small Town Laowai

This is the blog of Emily Steele Jackson, veteran missionary to China. She’s an American girl living in China and she owns it. Her content is engaging and her stories are humorously familiar. Not only will you love what Emily writes, you’ll have fun scrolling through the comments after each post.

Rocky Re-entry

Rocky Re-entry is one of the most truthful blog titles we’ve ever seen. A smooth re-entry is as rare as a unicorn. Re-entry is usually the furthest thing from a missionary’s mind. This is a must read blog for anyone transitioning off the field in the next five years.

Very few are as established as the International Mission Board. This website is a portal of wisdom that comes from a heritage of missionary experience. One of the most important lessons to be learned in missions in particular and ministry in general, is that there are many that have preceded you on this missionary journey. We’re all standing on the shoulders of men and women that blazed the trails we walk on. This is a great place to learn.

Taking Route

This is a great blog geared toward expats, expat families, and third culture kids. The website is designed well and extremely engaging.

Thrive Connection

Articles on this blog are arranged around topics of faith, self-care, relationships, geographic region, and parenting. This is another website that is named well. It’s their mission to help you thrive in your God-given calling.

The Missions Blog

The blog of SEND International is written for missionary church planters. “We seek to share articles that will inspire, motivate, and challenge goers and senders alike.”

Djibouti Jones

Rachel Pieh Jones is a regular contributor at A Life Overseas. We love everything she writes. This blog focuses more on her personal experience and stories. Rachel writes with style. You’ll connect with her instantly through the content she posts.

The Culture Blend

Jerry Jones tames the beast known as cultural transition. Going from one culture to another is hard, but very do-able when you have a great coach. Jerry’s blog helps meet that need.

photo by Parker Byrd

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