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10 Most Popular Social Posts of 2019

  • Bryon Mondok
  • December 19, 2019
  • Articles
10 Most Popular Social Posts Of 2019

10 Most Popular Social Posts of 2019

10 Most Popular Social Posts of 2019

The mission of Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators is to equip churches to send missionaries well. To serve that purpose, our staff works hard to keep up to date with the latest and best articles we can find to give missionaries and would-be missionaries the tools and perspective necessary to be sent well.

What follows is a list of articles curated or created by Shepherd’s Staff over the past year.

One: Welcoming Broken Missionaries Back

Obeying the call to leave America and live among the nations is costly on many levels. For those that obey, the costs they will pay will break them. They deserve to not only be sent well, but received back well. This includes helping them if they’re broken. This must read article is powerful.

Two: “I’m not breaking my kids” and other things expats would like to say

Most missionaries are convinced they can’t be as honest as they’d like to be with their family and friends back in the States. But if they could, these might be some of what they’d like to say. And yes, these are both true AND funny at the same time. Read more here

Three: Take Heart, Weary Servant

Life and ministry in another country in a radically different context than they’ve ever experienced can wear a missionary down. The battle they’re in is real and raging on a number of levels. Here are three great truths to encourage them with extracted from God’s interaction with one of His servants. Read more here.

Four: The Missionary Life Cycle (in Five Stages)

Although missionaries come in a variety of personality types, the amount of time they’ve been on the field – which stage of missionary life they are in – usually moves them in to one of two broad categories. This is a very accurate summary of the missionary life cycle, described using just the right amount of humor to amplify the truth it contains. Read more here.

Five: The Value of Missionary Biographies

Although there are certainly exceptions, the call to be a missionary usually includes a hunger to read missionary biographies. Here are a few reasons why, along with some great suggestions on missionary biographies that God has used in many missionary’s lives. Read more here.

Six: Is Missionary Work Colonialism?

Missionary work has developed a negative connotation in the minds of many people, including some Christians. Some of which is justified. But because God loves ALL people, He will continue to send some of those that know Him – MISSIONARIES – to represent Him to those that don’t. This blog post should be MUST READING for every follower of Jesus, including those He calls to be missionaries. Read it here.

Seven: A Letter to the Grandparents of My Third Culture Kids

Grandparents can be one of the biggest “X” factors in the realm of global missions. The role they play is significant for both their children and their grandchildren. The way their children interact with them in regards to their grandchildren matters. Here’s a great example of what parents of missionary kids might consider saying to the grandparents of their kids. Read more here.

Eight: How setting a Minimum Viable Day proved I’m not actually failing all the time

Learning that success on the mission field can’t be measured by how many tasks are accomplished within a given amount of time is one of the most difficult cross-cultural adjustments American missionaries need to make. Creativity is needed. Which is why this missionary wife and mom created MVD standards. Read about it here.

Nine: The lie of the super spectacular missionary newsletter

Writing newsletters and updates is essential for both missionaries and those who know and love them. But most missionaries will tell you how difficult it is to write them, especially the longer they’ve been on the field. Here are some important thoughts on the subject. Read more here.

Ten: Whatever You Call it, Missionaries Need it

Successful life and ministry in another country isn’t accomplished by missionaries acting alone, it’s a body of Christ endeavor. God has stocked every local church with the resources necessary to care for those He calls to be missionaries. Nurturing them is one expression of that care, here’s what that means.

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