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Why let the devil get all the publicity?

Most of what we call NEWS today is basically reporting what the prince of the power of the air and sinful mankind have been doing. Pastor Ed Compean, a Shepherd’s Staff missionary who lives and serves in Kenya, thinks something is wrong with that and through a powerful, true story, provides an example of the kind of NEWS that is also taking place, but which is seldom reported on.


“Ten year old kills woman”

“Liberia: We need 85,000 body bags”

“Ebola nurse may have had symptoms earlier”  

“Missing Nepal Hikers”

“US pounds ISIS, Kurds fight in streets”.


These are just a sample of the headlines today.

On the whole front page, there is only one article that might be encouraging or edifying and it is about drones being used to follow the life of killer whales.

Can we agree that the news, no matter the source, is primarily a report of the devil’s success on earth and amongst mankind?

This brings some questions.

If we can agree to that, then my next question is: Why do we spend so much time watching it, listening to it, reading it, sharing it on social media and talking about it?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating ignorance, however, in the 24 hour news cycle, 60 minutes at the most is all one needs to get an overview of all the (newsworthy) bad stuff happing in the world.

How many of us spend one hour every day talking to and listening to the Lord?

Do we talk about what God is doing in the world everyday?

Do we post His victory on Facebook?

All of the focus on the evil one makes us fearful and ineffective Christ followers.

When ebola breaks out, we cancel travel plans.

When buses of illegal, immigrant children are brought to our communities, we picket because we are afraid of the effect of a couple dozen brave, bold children who fled their terrible lives to the hope for something better.

The something better, we as Christ followers should give them is a welcome and the gospel because God has brought the nations to us.

If we were to die in the process of sharing the love of God with others, what is the harm in that?

Dying as a Christian is not a bad thing.

Being uncomfortable so that another person can know God and thereby be saved from an eternity without Christ is worth it.

Isn’t it?

Breaking news…..

Let me tell you what the devil did last month.

A man lived on the streets with his pregnant girlfriend and son.

He stole to care for them.

As a thief in Kenya, that is a life and death way of living.

One night, he was attacked and beaten nearly to death–justifiable in Kenya.

That is what the devil did.

However, the story doesn’t end there because Yahweh is a God of second and third and fourth chances.

The thief was found lying on the street–at death’s door, by other street boys.

They called a missionary who had been sharing Jesus with them.

He came, picked this man up, loaded him in a car and at his expense took him to a hospital.

There the young man lay for two days, with no medical care as it was the weekend and the staff was off.

Those street boys cared for him there. They bathed him, washed his wounds and emptied his urinal.

Finally, he was moved to a private hospital.

Surgery and three weeks of hospitalization followed but his life was spared.

That is what God did.

Good news….

God is still working.

That man and his family were brought to the church.

The people of the church have been feeding and caring for him while he recovers.

They have shared the love of Christ with him and his girlfriend and last week, both of them gave their lives to Christ.

THAT is what God is doing! Today.

Now this family which lived a desperate life on the streets, following the devil’s will, will go back to the streets, but serving and seeking the Lord.

Those two children will be raised by God followers and one day may come to Him themselves.

What the devil meant for destruction, God has redeemed and transformed.

That is the story we need to be sharing.

The story of God’s modern day love through Good Samaritans that find beaten people in piles of trash.

That is what we as Christ followers must focus on.

That will slay the fear bred by the wicked one.

Yes, God did work, but He is still working.

If you can’t find something that God is doing now, today, I challenge you to turn off the television.

Stop reading the news and focus on God.

Read His word.

Talk to Him and about Him and ask Him to open your eyes, because our God is alive and working and He hasn’t left us or forsaken us.

Rest in Him.


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