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The Real Revolutionary

Over the last week and half, nothing but tributes to the life and struggle of Nelson Mandela have been on the airwaves. Streaming words of gratitude at his example and leadership can not be missed. One can not quantify the change that took place in this country because of him. The horrors and injustice of apartheid were abolished. The one man fought for the equality of all men. He lead the nation into democracy. Late in his life he embodied grace and forgiveness to his oppressors. His impact will go on and, hopefully, we don’t forget his final messages as this country moves forward. There is still work to be done here and I pray we follow in efforts to proceed with wisdom that he portrayed in areas of his leadership.

We must remember, however, that while he was a great man, he was a man. A man who may not have began his journey with all honor and grace and forgiveness. A man, who like all humans, has faults. Mandela did a wonderful job of reconciling a country-of reconciling man to man.

But he was not our Savior, he was not able to reconcile everything. Only one is able to reconcile man to something greater than himself. Only one is able to create the bridge between man and God. So as this Christmas approaches, lets also spend time in tribute to the one whose birth we are celebrating. The one and only Savior-Jesus Christ.

Thank you Mr. Mandela for not giving up on your quest. Thank you all the more Father for seeing me, and my neighbor, and each man throughout all of time as worthy to make an even greater sacrifice to be reconciled to you.

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