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The Mission Stream……Part 2

The Mission Stream is flowing!

It’s as good a time as ever for you to wade in and begin experiencing the unique joy and fulfilment that can only be found by being a hands-on participant in God’s glory being declared among the nations.


If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase, The Mission Stream, here’s our ministry’s definition of what it is:

The Mission Stream is the ongoing, outward flow of God’s love that He uses to carry the messengers and the message of the Gospel to sinful people where ever they live on this planet, for His glory and their ultimate good.


We’ve found the phrase to be incredibly useful for helping people to understand what’s involved in becoming an integral part of God’s global purposes.

Why use that phrase?

Because almost everyone has a basic understanding of the following facts about streams:

–They begin with a source–commonly referred to as the headwaters.

–They flow downward due to the effect of gravity, and pass through various types of terrain that influence their shape and speed of flow.

–They usually end at the point where they merge in to either a larger stream or river, a lake or reservoir, or a sea or ocean.

With just a few small modifications, what most of us already know about streams can help us to comprehend what moving forward in global missions involvement looks like.


Somewhat similar to a stream of water, the The Mission Stream is composed of the following sections:

–HEADWATERS:  The headwaters are numerous truths about God, freshly understood.

–FLOW:  The movement or initial flow of the stream that is produced in individuals and churches when they permit what they now know about God to change their life-priorities.

–DEEPENING AND WIDENING:  The deepening and widening of the stream as it continues to move–where individuals and churches really discover the role The Missionary God has for them in helping the stream to reach its destination.

–RAPIDS:  The obstacles that the stream encounters, some of which produce dangerous, rapid-like conditions for a short season.

–CALM:  The calm on the other side of the rapids just before and just after the stream reaches the destination that He ordained for it.

Although every person and every church that wades in The Mission Stream will experience these five sections of the stream, what some of those sections look like and will require of them will differ based on the role that The Missionary God assigns to them.



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