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Thankfulness expressed by missionaries for their Home Churches!

Here are a few of the responses from SSMF missionaries that we challenged to express their thankfulness for the various ways their Home Churches have been a blessing to them.

From Josh Lawrence, who lives and serves in Kenya and whose home church is Calvary Chapel of Bangor, Maine.

I can tell you that I am very thankful to my home church and I am in regular contact with them.

Aside from the financial support they have given us from the beginning and the two fund raisers they have had for us which I am grateful for, I am in regular contact with my pastor–I can call him anytime and ask his advice and counsel.

From Sharon Porterfield, who lives in Thailand and serves the Karen people that have been resettled there.  Her home church is Calvary Chapel of St. George, UT.

Yes, I thank the Lord for my church and pray for them – I’m even in the prayer chain so I can pray for their specific needs!  They have been such a blessing from the Lord in my life and I tell them – you know the story and they know I’m thankful!
Why am I thankful for my HOME church?  
They are encouraging every time I see them; they stay in contact throughout the year, send not only birthday cards, but recently sent a “have been on the mission field” anniversary card;  available for any phone call; they pray for me and let me know it;  actually there are too many reasons to list – praise the Lord!!
From Rob and Beth Plutte, who live in the U.K. and serve the ethnic minorities that have been resettled there.  Their home church is Calvary Chapel Central Bucks, PA.
I am thankful for My HOME church because:
  • They are available to talk to us weekly.
  • They are sending a team to support the ministry here.
  • They Pray for us regularly.
  • They Financially support us.
  • They give us opportunities to expose the church to the work here in London. through skype calls into the service and Café nights etc.
  • They provided a time for us to be home to be refreshed.
  • They are a mission minded Church.  Missions is part of the DNA of the Church.
  • They are willing to learn and improve the way the church facilitates missions.

From Jen Birkey, who lives in Rome, Italy, and serves in the various ministries of Calvary Chapel of Rome.  Jen’s home church is Calvary Chapel of Spokane, WA.

Over the past 4 years, my home church (Calvary Spokane) was the place where my fire for missions was fanned into flame and I was encouraged, built up, and trained for full time ministry.
My home church was the platform God used for bootcamp; where I was stretched and flexed before the race; where I had time to practice what I was learning. For all this training and equipping, I am thankful.
I am also thankful that when it came time for me to go, my church gave of their resources to help me and publicly laid hands on me, prayed for me, and sent me out. This was very important to me and I felt very loved and appreciated through this act.
Before I left at the beginning of October, I hand wrote a letter of thankfulness to my pastor and his wife, and church staff members who had labored and helped in many ways to contribute to the sending process and gave me many platforms to share my heart for Italy.
From Rachel Woodcock, who lives and serves in Montebelluna, Italy, at both the local Calvary Chapel and the Calvary Chapel Bible College.  Her home church is Calvary chapel of York, PA.
I’m extremely thankful for my home church.
Over two years ago, we began a small prayer group before I was even sent out onto the mission field to Italy this summer! Over the course of those two years, they have been so faithfully supporting me and encouraging me and praying for me in the whole process of preparing to go to Italy.
What’s more, since I’m a new missionary and have only been serving in Italy for the past 6 months, this same prayer group has grown and they are still faithfully meeting every month to lift me and the work in Italy up in prayer and support.
These last few months have been one of the most challenging and difficult periods of my life personally, but I can say with surety that if it was not for the saints at my home church, my parents and my Pastor and his wife, counseling and encouraging me and praying for me, I don’t know what I would have done!
I’m seeing the importance of the body of Christ even more and how the Lord uses the body to be His hands and feet to all! 
I found out that even the children in the Sunday School are praying for me! I’m overwhelmed and humbled by this.

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