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Little Stories

Terrific and frightening.

That is how I would describe the opportunity to share and show one’s own artwork.

Vulnerable and exciting.

The Visual Arts school I am helping with had a special opportunity to share the culmination of the work they had produced these last three months at a local Thai church.  This was an international show with artists from all over the world.

The students’ artwork ranged from initial pencil sketches and tentative acrylic paint explorations to bold expressions of art and beauty and creation. They have all grown so much in the last three months.

One of the students, Rebekka from Norway showed a digital art piece. She drew portraits using photoshop and created line, shape and texture with words. She wrote the stories of the people she was drawing and these words became them. During her artist talk she said, “People are made of little stories.” The cells and building blocks that make us who we are physically are crucial. And, the stories that we accumulate and form us are too.

Do you ever think about the stories that form you? Hmmm…

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