Short-term missions, Shepherd's Staff.


In a previous post we discussed WHY churches and missionaries take part in short-term missions. We then worked through the ROLES which help all involved with short-term missions. Now we turn the focus to having a Pilgrim-Mindset in short-term missions leading to a similar mindset upon return. “How many of you serve in the children’s ministry of your home church?”...

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Short-Term Missions, Shepherd's Staff

Short-Term Mission Roles

Presuming senders, goers and receivers of short-term missions teams agree short-term missions are primarily to support on-going missionary and national works, there are pre-departure, on-field and post-field steps that will help the success of those teams. While respecting campus ministries and others engaged in short-term missions, the main planning points will be for...

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Short-term missions, Shepherd's Staff

Why Short-Term Missions?

An estimated 1.6 million North American Christians will go on a short-term mission this year. They will spend close to $2-billion in the process. That is a lot of time, treasure and talent being invested by the goers, senders and receivers of those teams, so it seems good to explore...

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Are You an Oddball?

Shepherd’s Staff’s Jeff Jackson provides concise cross-cultural training to help those with an American individualistic identity come to understand most of whom they go to serve have more collectivistic or group identity. This cross-cultural training seminar will provide tools good for: A pre-field primer for missionaries. Preparation and training for short-term missions teams. Serving refugees...

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