Robertson McQuilkin, Shepherd's Staff

Robertson McQuilkin

When I received the news that Robertson McQuilkin, my 88 year old brother in Christ, friend, mentor, and encourager, had been called from this earth in to the presence of our Lord and Savior, I immediately experienced that unique Christian paradox of being sorrowful even as I was in the...

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From the Field

Missionary blog posts, updates and teachings from wide and far. Please enjoy and please pray for these servants and those whom they serve. Julianne Heilman in Uganda asks “Who can you lay down your life for today?” in a post titled, My Life for Yours. The Seeley Family in the...

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Short-term missions, Shepherd's Staff

Why Short-Term Missions?

An estimated 1.6 million North American Christians will go on a short-term mission this year. They will spend close to $2-billion in the process. That is a lot of time, treasure and talent being invested by the goers, senders and receivers of those teams, so it seems good to explore...

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cross-cultural, cross-culture, training, Shepherd's Staff

Are You an Oddball?

Shepherd’s Staff’s Jeff Jackson provides concise cross-cultural training to help those with an American individualistic identity come to understand most of whom they go to serve have more collectivistic or group identity. This cross-cultural training seminar will provide tools good for: A pre-field primer for missionaries. Preparation and training for short-term missions teams. Serving refugees...

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