Robertson McQuilkin, Shepherd's Staff

Robertson McQuilkin

When I received the news that Robertson McQuilkin, my 88 year old brother in Christ, friend, mentor, and encourager, had been called from this earth in to the presence of our Lord and Savior, I immediately experienced that unique Christian paradox of being sorrowful even as I was in the...

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Honor and Shame, Contextualization, Gospel.

Honor and Shame

More than 90 percent of the people living on earth navigate life with an Honor and Shame perspective, rather than the Guilt and Innocence perspective most Western Europeans and North Americans navigate by. This workshop will provide a basic understanding of what each perspective is, the differences between the two, and a...

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When Refugees Come

Touching refugees with God’s love and truth Refugees resettled in to your community or neighborhood are a unique blessing and privilege God has provided for you. This workshop will help you to understand why God has brought them in to your sphere of influence, a few cultural truths that are...

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Nations Among Us

Shepherd’s Staff primarily exists to serve churches as they send their missionaries to the field well, but our passion is for God’s glory even as the nations come among us. Here is a panel discussion on ministering to refugees with Jeff Jackson, Shepherd’s Staff Director of Church Relations and Missionary Care.

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