Book Review: The Rest of God

The Rest of God Mark Buchanan Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 2006 Number of pages: 225 Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking and talking about missionary furlough. We’ve been asking ourselves questions like, “What does ‘furlough’ mean?” and “How do we communicate about ‘furlough’ to supporters?” and “What do sending...

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Missionary Furlough, Shepherd's Staff

Gifts for Furlough?

While not necessarily missionary furlough examples, missionaries would do well to consider the purposefulness of communication from Paul when he was preparing to visit churches and individuals (Romans 15:24, 1 Corinthians 16:5 and Philemon 22). Upon examination, we see two spiritual gifts in tethers of connection between missionaries and those whom love and support...

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Missionary, Furlough, Shepherd's Staff

Furlough Objectives

  What exactly is supposed to happen while a missionary, or missionary family, returns to the States on furlough? Here is a podcast to help understand. This is the second Facilitating the Mission podcast focused on the missionary furlough. The first was titled, Why Missionaries Take Furloughs and is available to for download....

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Missionary Debrief, Shepherd's Staff, Missionary

Missionary Debriefing

Almost every missionary who has ever done it will tell you that the transition back to life in America is much more challenging than the transition was to life on the mission field. For reasons too numerous to mention in this post, re-starting life back in the U.S. poses greater...

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