I Am a Triangle by Naomi Hattaway

I am a Triangle

Coming home from the mission field is no homecoming. Returning missionaries come home to a rude awakening; coming home is more difficult than their early days of arriving on the mission field. In a recent podcast, Jeff Jackson refers to the following article by Naomi Hattaway. I am a triangle...

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missionary debriefing

4 Quadrants of Missionary Debriefing

This article is a response to a number of requests to provide a consolidated piece on the subject of DEBRIEFING. ONE – Returning and Re-starting Almost every missionary who has ever done it will tell you that the transition back to life in America is much more challenging than the transition was...

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Missionary Debriefing, Shepherd's Staff

Gift of Debriefing

This is the fourth on a series on missionary debriefing. Click these links for the previous posts: Missionary Debriefing, Debriefing Refreshes, and Realignment.  Missionary debriefing is a relational and intentional process that provides an opportunity for a missionary to tell their story—by verbally processing past and recent events from their point of view, complete...

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