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Stacking Stones–a worthwhile endeavor!

Provoked by viewing a unique rainstorm in South Africa, Courtney Lankford, who lives and serves in that country with her husband and children, shares her reflections on God’s grace and provision.

I hold my baby close and we watch the rain out our back windows.

The view is breath-taking as always, with the Atlantic glimmering in the distance; the local township dotting the landscape between; and the mountains doing their majestic-ness.

We watch the rain.  Seeing rain in a way I never have.

From our view, which is as far as the eye can see deep into the Atlantic, we are given a unique glimpse of the rain.

The sun shining, yet clouds billowing.

Wind so intense the view constantly changing.

Rain coming in sheets, but not just sheets , more like vertical rows or lines, race coursing across the sky.

It was beautiful.

I told the baby that only God creates beauty and uniqueness like this.

Her eyes gazed intently.

My view shifted to the tunnels.

–The tunnels where my Joe works.

–The tunnels we prayed and prayed (and prayed) for.

–The tunnels growing 300 pounds of tomatoes each week and ministering to many a soul here and around the world.

God is good. Yes, He is.

I think of my view again.

And how 2 years ago this September, we moved into this house and even though we could see Living Hope it really just faded into the scenery.

Joey didn’t work at the Living Hope campus back then but another, The Living Way campus, and the tunnels were down the road at a smaller location.

We stood on this back porch with this view and we never dreamed God would bless the ministry and hard work with 13 tunnels we could watch from our back–heck, from our couch.

God is good. Yes, He is!

So today, in the words of my husband, I am stacking stones.

Thanking God that we followed Him and He answered and blessed immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. (Our family verse Eph 3:20).

Thanking Him that I can look back on His provision in this and hold tight to His provision in the future because He is faithful.

He provided these tunnels, in this spot, right in view from our home.

We didn’t even want to move, but were forced to, and now can’t imagine being anywhere else.

How many times has God done that in your life?

How many times have you turned it all over to Him because you just couldn’t do anything else and He came thru?

List them.

My list runs long, with things like: home after home in Africa, supporters to fund us, health, protection here, money when there was none, teachers, Baylor Paige’s birth, teachers, a book, Braxton’s birth story, healing, and more.

Make your list–view each blessing as a stone.

Actually physically stack some to prove the point.

Then, whenever you face a challenge, recall God’s provision.

His help, His guidance, His peace, His love….

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