Shepherd’s Staff 2018 Top Ten

“Time flies.” How often have you heard that said over the past week as you watched 2018 wind down?

For us at Shepherd’s Staff, 2018 was filled with what we love doing most: serving churches and their missionaries. Week in and week out we spoke with, prayed with and visited those burdened with reaching the Nations.

Below is the most most useful web content people read and listened to on our website developed around our mission of Facilitating Churches to Send Well.

10 Most Read Blog Posts

  1. 11 Missionary Blogs We Love
  2. Asking for Support
  3. Why a Furlough?
  4. To know God and Make Him Known; but how?
  5. Missionaries: Living out the “end-game” purpose of LIGHT
  6. Three Principles for Determining if God is Calling You to be a Missionary
  7. 4 Quadrants of Missionary Debriefing
  8. Hearing a Missionary Call?
  9. Missionary Debriefing
  10. Why Short-Term Missions?

10 Most Listened to Podcasts

  1. Missionary Security
  2. Most Downloaded in 2018: Maintenance Debrief
  3. Re-entry Part One
  4. Short Term Trips
  5. Business as Missions
  6. Maintenance Debrief Part Two
  7. Unreached Unengaged People Groups
  8. On-field Care Visits
  9. Orality Movement Part One
  10. Business as Missions Part Three

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