Building Support

Why does a pre-field missionary need to begin raising missionary support? From experience, we suggest beginning with a purpose and proposition statement.
Here’s a version of a scenario we’ve witnessed multiple times:
A potential missionary, or one already on the field, know beyond a doubt they are called. The sending church clearly confirms the call. People who know and love the missionary agree there is a clear missionary call. When the same missionary begins the deputization process of communicating the call in writing or face to face, somehow the people not as close to the missionary do not catch the vision. The hearers appreciated and respected the missionaries for being willing to go to foreign lands, but the missionary left without the hearer being able to clearly understand what the purpose and proposition of going was all about. 
This is why missionaries and sending churches need a clear, concise and certain purpose and proposition statement before the missionary begins deputization and communicating of the vision. In many cases it may actually be needed for the church initially get behind the missionary.

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