In April of 1993, Pastor Jeff Jackson returned to the United States after five years of church planting in Cebu City, Philippines. While serving on the field, Jeff and his family received exceptional missionary care from their home church which left an indelible impression on Pastor Jeff. The seed of a vision began to germinate and take root; the possibilities for churches and their missions involvement were endless. Convinced that local churches can and should venture into cross-cultural endeavors, Pastor Jeff began fleshing out his vision to create a unique missions organization.

Shepherd’s Staff offers our members the perfect blend of passion and experience. With decades of global missions experience and a passion to empower the local church to fulfill the Great Commission, Shepherd’s Staff is a tool in the hands of the local church to help extend her reach.

  • We are not a missions board with our own agenda, but a non-denominational resource serving local churches.
  • We are not an outsourced business function or consultant, but a partner helping local churches fulfill their vision.
  • While we facilitate the financial support aspects of global missions, Shepherd Staff is also an advisor/mentor/equipper to help a church grow as a “sending” church and steward of their global missions endeavors.
  • We are committed to developing a healthy relationship with both the churches we serve and their missionaries in order to enhance missions effectiveness in a manner that honors God.