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New Season of Life

Hello. So much has happened since our last blog post. As most of you know, we were in the States for most of the month of May. We didn’t blog in May, as we were able to share with many of you in person about how the Lord is working in Barahona. It was great to spend time with family and friends, an abundant time of encouragement. But, of course, we were excited to get back to the ministry. Here’s what has happened since then…

At the end of June we had a group of Senior High students from Calvary Chapel of Delta. They were a huge blessing to the community, our church and us, the In Calvary’s Care staff. They worked to build a bathroom for a family in our church. They also spent hours sharing their faith door to door here on the mountain and downtown at the new park. A special blessing to us was that they spent time with our local youth group kids playing games and sharing their testimonies about how Jesus saved them from their sins and the new life they now have in Him. We pray their words had a lasting impact on our teenagers.

On July 2nd, we experienced one of the hardest goodbyes we have ever had to say. Our great friends, co-laborers, and family in Christ, Lewis and Celia moved to Spain. The Lord has moved them on. Their departure has left a gap in our lives, our hearts and our ministry. They had a huge impact on the many families sponsored by ICC and our church body. But we trust in the Lord, even when we don’t understand what He is doing. His ways are always good and always right.

With Lewis leaving, this has opened a new opportunity for Jared. Through much prayer, the Overseers of our home church, Calvary Chapel of Delta, agreed that the Lord is opening the door for Jared to begin teaching the Sunday and Thursday Bible studies at Calvary Chapel of Barahona. We are humbled that the Lord would choose to use us in this way. We recognize that this is far beyond our ability. Especially since the people speak Spanish! Jared’s Spanish is improving, but he definitely isn’t able to teach a Spanish Bible study yet. We are so thankful for our good friend and the new ICC director, Vicente. He will be translating for Jared. We are excited to see how the Lord will work through us as we look to Him to supply the wisdom, understanding, ability… everything! Please pray for Jared even more that the Lord would work through him and provide everything he needs to teach these precious people.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We know that we are not able to do anything for the Lord in our own strength. We need His equipping power. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you!

We also would like to give a special thank you to Ben Otte for allowing us to use his photos this month. Thanks Ben!

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