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Missions-related Blog Post round-up #2

Here are a few missions-related blog posts from Shepherd’s Staff missionaries and others.

(Click on the last word of the sentence to link to the full blog post).

SSMFI’s Kari Saul learned a great lesson about being obedient, even when you don’t feel like it.

SSMFI’s Emma Nash talks about the similarities between prepositions in the English language and God’s use of them in describing His relationship with His people.

SSMFI’s Holly Cummings describes some of the challenges re-entry presents and the various expectations included in the phrase “good enough”.

Dave Lewis from recently did a series on the 5 big lies missionaries sometimes believe, why they are dangerous for missionaries, and how to point them back to the truth.  This is lie #2.

Rachel Pieh-Jones coins a new phrase to describe something more challenging than jet-lag.

And she also describes how learning another language and being a runner are similar.


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