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Santiago and Paula Amin

Santiago and Paula are church planting in Cartagena. Their largest hope is to impact the community through love. They firmly believe that by showing others the love of Jesus and for Jesus, they themselves will have an encounter with Him and beyond having a "religion", they will have a relationship with our Father, receiving Him as not only their savior, bur their Lord. They hope that through this, their church will not be limited by walls, but will consist of people following the one God and living according to His many callings.

In order to impact both the community of Cartagena and of Tierra Bomba, they seek to form deeply rooted relationships among all those whom we encounter. In doing this, they make sure that people are more than elements of the same community, but truly feel that they are members of the family of Christ. They believe that by the implementation of accountability, support systems and true fellowship, they will achieve changed that go way beyond superficial levels.

They have been serving in Cartagena for over six years.

Country of Service: Colombia

Home Church: Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

Church Website:

Missionary Website:

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