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Ryan and Cayla Quinley

Ryan & Cayla serve in the Dominican Republic as part of the Cercadillo Project team. There is a village in the DR named "Cercadillo". Ina York, another  Shepherd' s Staff missionary in the DR, founded the Cercadillo Project and has been working in the village for over a decade seeking to develop disciples of Jesus and to empower the people of Cercadillo through education and the development of healthy community systems.

Throughout the last few years, there has been a need for a family to come alongside Ina and extend the ministry of the Cercadillo Project. Ryan and Cayla are responsible for planting a church in Cercadillo, assisting in the project's various activities, and contributing to the development of theological education in the surrounding area.

Country of Service: Dominican Republic

Home Church: First Baptist Church Maryville, IL

Church Website:

Missionary Website:

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