Our Call Missions

  • Keith and Lisa Coggin named their ministry “Our Call Missions” because as they have been in Uganda since 2002, they have served in a variety of ministries and worked with other missionaries in their ministries. They have also been progressively developing a version of the Ugandan curriculum that is Bible integrated and advanced, we call it Roots to Fruits.

    Sanctuary of Grace Christian Academy is now a full preschool and primary school which serves as an active and successful model school of this curriculum. Keith and Lisa, Elizabeth Corless, and Therese MacFarlane are serving a missionaries at Our Call Missions.

    Their current and future efforts include continued involvement in other ministries and schools with the curriculum. Also, the opening of an Educator’s Development Center that will send trained educators (national missionaries) into remote villages where there are no schools, using the Roots to Fruits curriculum to start Village Learning Centers.

  • Missionary Account Number: 6062
  • Country of Service: Uganda
  • Home Church:

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