Erica Wentz

  • Erica is serving with the R.I.C.D Wheelchair Project in Chiang Mai Thailand.

    The wheelchair project is an organization made up of Christians who long to share the love of Christ through their actions. Their primary goal is to provide those in need with the necessary equipment to become mobile (e.g., wheel chairs, walkers, crutches), while creating a loving, God-centered environment where local Thai Christians can grow a relationship with those in need, both physically and spiritually, with their surrounding communities.

    To invest in people is Erica’s heart, to meet them where they are, and to love and care for them as they need. To share the love and goodness of Jesus Christ is Erica’s passion, and to offer this part of herself to the poeple of Thailand is both her mission and her calling.

  • Missionary Account Number: 2078
  • Country of Service: Thailand
  • Home Church: Bethel Church

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