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Missionary Blogs

The missionary blogs of those we serve give insight, encouragement and a unique view into what God is doing around the world. Enjoy, pray and pass these along. 

  1. Ben Grisez from Sydney  posted Spend Time with Jesus, Moving Trees and Mountains and Soaring, Running and Walking. All three are among the excellent devotional style posts he regularly adds to Marching Forth.
  2. Trip Kimball, as a former missionary, provides excellent blog posts with a missional mindset to Word Strong. Among his recent posts is Independent or Dependent. It is another missionary minded post and reminder to all followers of  Christ.
  3. Byron and Emily Johnson serve in the Ukraine, their blog is simply called Byron and Emily in the Ukraine. This week they posted an update explaining how God has called them from Kiev to Zaporozhye. It is called Where in the World are the Johnsons? It’s a great and encouraging read on how God moves families around for His greater purposes.
  4. Melanie Dill posted The Key to Long-Term Missions … what I’m Learning. The post is on her Journey of Purpose blog. After more than six years serving in Capricorn Township in South Africa, Melanie provides a key lesson for all potential, and many seasoned, missionaries.
  5. Christian Burt serves with his family in Romania but they have been Stateside working on an adoption which unfortunately did not work out. Stupidity of Love is another excellent post on love and risk on their Burt Family blog.
  6. The Seeley Family in the Bahamas wrote Choosing Contentment over Covetous for their Seeley Family Blog. It is a great reminder for all.

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