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From the Field

Missionary blog posts, updates and teachings from wide and far. Please enjoy and please pray for these servants and those whom they serve.

Julianne Heilman in Uganda asks “Who can you lay down your life for today?” in a post titled, My Life for Yours.

The Seeley Family in the Bahamas presses into the importance of resting in the Lord in a post titled Express Faith in God: Rest!

Melanie Dill in South Africa was able to offer mission training for group of national leaders heading out to serve.

Trip Kimball recently published several great blog posts, among them are How I Got Theology –Pt 1 and How I Got Theology Pt 2.

Ben Grisez in Australia wrestles with cross cultural ministry and pop culture in Whose Side Are You On? It is one of many great devotionals on his blog.

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