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Missionary Blog Posts

Every week we try to bring you the best missionary blog posts from the almost 250 missionaries we at Shepherd’s Staff are honored to serve. This week there are posts from five people on four continents, all serving the one and true living God.

  • Even When I Cannot See from Jen Birkey’s Broad Place Blog is an open wrestling with her feeling blind and lost on the mission field, but finding there is One who guides and directs.
  • Living Life from Julianne Heilman is a compelling account her daily life and purpose as a missionary in Uganda
  • Showing Love is a Tim and Mindy Seeley’s recent post from the Bahamas on helping a beloved co-laborer through the loss of her husband.
  • The Problem with Obedience is one of many great posts which will encourage missionaries from Trip Kimball’s Word Strong Blog.
  • Faith in Worship and The Everlasting Man Lives are two of many wonderful missions focused devotionals by Ben Grisez in Australia.

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