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Missionary Blog Link Up

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The scope of posts in this Link Up missionary blog roundup is astounding, but not as astounding as the missionaries we are honored to serve. Please enjoy linking up with these servants, enjoying what they share and remembering to pray for them.


  • Marie Burtt writes, in a very raw way, of the pain, beauty and ultimate joy of serving in Romania with her family in 4 Years.
  • Melanie Dill in a post titled Thank You USA!, provides an insightful view of the refreshing, but not restful, experience of coming to the States. She also posted a great update as she came back to the ministry in South Africa, The Beginning of 2016.
  • Ben Grisez wrote about knowing Perfect Peace, and Doing God’s Will among other delightful devotional style blog posts on his Marching Forth blog.
  • Mindy Seeley is a missionary mom serving in the Bahamas and works through her next season of life and parenthood in 2016: Dread or Delight?
  • Trip Kimball continues to post excellent observations, teachings and devotionals, including feeding us with Food for the Soul —part 1.
  • Byron and Emily Johnson serve in the Ukraine and provide and excellent primer on prayer from a missionary perspective titled, 12 Practical Ways to Focus Your Prayer Life.

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