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Non-Western Cultures: Understanding the Dynamics of Honor and Shame

American missionaries need a framework for understanding how people in other cultures treat each other, how to interact, and how to communicate in honor-based cultures. Actually, all American Christians need this framework. Here’s why: God is moving the nations into our neighborhoods. Refugee Podcast Series Refugees have been a hot...

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Language and Culture acquisition, Shepherd's Staff

Language and Culture Acquisition

  Back to Language & Culture resources   Back to Pre-field Information resources Pastor Jeff Jackson interviews missionary Ben Spector with a focus on the importance of language and culture acquisition for missionaries. They discuss the dilemma of feeling the need to speed the ministry along resulting in viewing culture and language...

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Contingency Planning, Shepherd's Staff, Missioanry Crisis

Contingency Planning

When things are calm, contingency planning may be at the bottom of the missionary’s list of things to do, but it may be the most important. For all the precautions and all the prayer, Paul and generations of missionaries through the ages have developed and acted on contingency plans. The best time to develop those...

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Cyber Security, Missionary security, Missions

Cyber Security

  Back to Missionary Care resources   Back to Missions Policy resources   Back to Pre-field Information  Facilitating the Missions's Tim Dabney speaks on missionary security, specifically in the areas of cyber security. He'll discuss the value and drawbacks of encrypted emails and how to protect your personal computer from attacks. This is the...

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Missionary Security, Shepherd's Staff


  In Matthew 10 Jesus gave specific pre-field instruction and preparation for those He was sending out. Taking His example, we interview ministry security specialist Tim Dabney on pre-field steps for modern missionaries.

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Missionary Furlough, Shepherd's Staff

Gifts for Furlough?

While not necessarily missionary furlough examples, missionaries would do well to consider the purposefulness of communication from Paul when he was preparing to visit churches and individuals (Romans 15:24, 1 Corinthians 16:5 and Philemon 22). Upon examination, we see two spiritual gifts in tethers of connection between missionaries and those whom love and support...

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