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Asking for Support

  Back to Missionary Support resources Pt 3: So, Do I just Ask for Missionary Support? It has been suggested that asking for missionary support has kept more missionaries off the field than any other reason. Below is the final of a three-part series helping pre-field and on-field missionaries gain a God...

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Calm the Gorillas

  Back to Missionary Support resources Should missionaries directly ask for financial support? This is a great question with multiple angles. Here is the second of a three-part series helping pre-field and on-field missionaries to answer the question and gain a God glorifying understanding of a simple method for inviting people...

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Gain Understanding

  Back to Missionary Support resources When and how to directly ask for missionary financial support can be complex and frightening. We are beginning a three-part series to help pre-field and on-field missionaries understand a God glorifying model of allowing others to join in the work. This week we’ll focus on...

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Impact of Underfunded Missionaries

  Back to Missionary Support resources When missionaries either depart for the field prior to securing sufficient funding, or experience funding decreases on a month to month basis while they are on the field, one or more of these six effects will be produced: 1--THEY WILL BE DISTRACTED Being underfunded easily...

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