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Paul’s Theology of Fundraising

I wait until it’s dark and all the lights are out. I don’t want to run into anyone at the car lot when I’m shopping for a car, so I wait until the dealership is closed and all the salesman are gone to look at cars and their price tags....

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Attitude of Gratitude

Paul opened his epistle to the Philippians by letting them know he prayed and thanked God for them and their participation with him in the ongoing work. God of course was first, but the epistle takes a clear turn as the apostle also thanks the church in Philippi for their...

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When Missionaries Teach and Preach

A Sunday morning at the local church, a conference teaching slot or other substantial speaking opportunity can be a great opportunity for missionary communication. When missionaries teach and preach it can be powerful and few situations allow for connecting to so many people at one time. It can be a moving experience as the attendees of a...

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As part of our continuing series on missionary support raising and communication we look at expanding the breadth and width of missionary communication by using the purpose and proposition statement explained in earlier posts. Missionary Support Raising and Communication Legendary Oregon State track coach and Nike cofounder Bill Bowman coined the multi-national company’s...

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