5 Ways to Communicate about Missions

When I moved to the small New England town I moved to a couple of years ago, we started looking for a church. There were three non-negotiables we looked for: 1) It had to be a Bible-teaching church, 2) It needed to be a safe place for my kids and...

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Global missions and the Lord’s prayer

In His first recorded sermon, Jesus unpacked the following fundamental truths about the Kingdom of God: –The character traits of the King’s subjects who submit themselves to Him and His rule and reign in their lives –How these citizens of His Kingdom interact with every person they come in contact...

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encouragement awesomeness

5 Keys to Becoming an Awesome Missionary Encourager

Day-to-day living grinds you down. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, our work is a grind. You used to daydream about the day when you’d finally be in ministry or on the mission field. In this fantasy, work was different. Now you know just how wrong...

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