Is a missionary furlough just an extended vacation?

This is the season of the year when many missionaries are putting the final touches on their plans to take a break from the field and return back to the states for a specific period of time that has historically been referred to as “furlough”. When most church leaders or...

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missionary self-care

10 Resources for Planning Your Missionary Self-care Regimen

Our current top-shelf topic is missionary self-care. Missionary care, that is training and sharing resources for churches to provide excellent missionary care is in our DNA at Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators. A huge component to rounding out excellent missionary care is the participation of missionaries, themselves, in routine missionary self-care....

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Book Review: The Rest of God

The Rest of God Mark Buchanan Nashville, Thomas Nelson, 2006 Number of pages: 225 Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking and talking about missionary furlough. We’ve been asking ourselves questions like, “What does ‘furlough’ mean?” and “How do we communicate about ‘furlough’ to supporters?” and “What do sending...

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