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As Christmas approaches, most of the missionaries we serve are preparing to celebrate the incarnation in Jesus Christ as they live incarnate in their host country. They are experiencing a small hint of the separation the Son felt as He left relationships and all that is familiar to live in this foreign land. Some of their linked blog posts below. Please take a moment and pray for the missionaries you know, even if its only digitally, as they spend a holiday season serving our great Lord separated from family and loved ones.

  • Returning missionary Julie Rumph wrote she hated to say returning to America has been much harder than going to South Africa. Her post entitled The Unknown, shines a light, and hope, into the reality of missionary reentry. 
  • Here at Shepherd’s Staff we don’t keep statistics, but Ben Grisez likely produces the most blog posts of any missionary we know. In posts entitled The Spirit of the LawDon’t Be a Sorry Christian, and Jonah Didn’t Jump, the missionary in New Zealand continues to give excellent thought provoking devotional style reads.
  • Melanie Dill shared her joy in seeing her class of art students in South Africa graduate, and her hope of their continuing education in a post titled Graduating a Class.

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