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linksThe missionaries Shepherd’s Staff facilitate are amazing. Here are some of their recent missionary blog posts we hope you will enjoy.

 Andrew Letsome serves in Nanyuki, Kenya and a couple weeks back wrote a very vulnerable post about Difficulties he has faced. This week he followed up with some very practical advice on Dealing with Difficulties. Both posts will make a great read for missionaries and home churches at any point in the stream of the Mission of God.
Ben Grisez, serves in Sydney and is a productive blogger. Ben wrote a wonderful piece titled Condemning Yourself on viewing ourselves not through others, but through the word of God. He also wrote Lessons in Contentment based on a message he delivered last Sunday. 
Trip Kimball is always has a great perspective on ministry leadership. He posted Grass Roots Leadership —the leadership style of Jesus. It will be an excellent primer for aspiring leaders, and an excellent reminder for existing leaders. 

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