An overview of the steps:

  • Keeping in mind that we’re a “facilitating” missions organization, take the time to read through our core values and the benefits of joining Shepherd’s Staff by clicking here.
  • If you’d like to proceed with discovering whether we might be a good fit for you, contact our office at: in order to request an Inquiry Package.
  • Having read through the Inquiry Package, if you’re interested in proceeding, complete the included Pre-Application Information Form (PAIF) and email it back to: We will inform you that your PAIF has been received.
  • One of our Church Relations Representatives will contact the Home Church Key Person that you listed, and if we’re a fit for you and your home church we will send a full application for you to complete.
  • After we receive your complete application package, have further discussions with your Home Church Key Person, and conduct your intake interview, we will send a welcome packet that will include an account number and employee paperwork. This number will enable your financial partners to begin supporting you financially in the ministry that God is calling you to do.